A dry white summer sipper – the return of the white burgundy!

Released on 17/12/2012

For those who recall the ‘White Burgundy' style wines of the 1980s and earlier, Good News!

We have recreated the style of those rather smart dry white wines, modelled both on the original White Burgundies of France and their kissing cousins the Chablis and the more recent local versions such as the White Burgundy produced by Collards in Henderson in the 1960s and 1970s.

Our Non Vintage Chardonnay Semillon was released at the Feast Wine and Food Festival at Labour weekend, just weeks after bottling (no one seemed to notice!) and now with a little settling time it's proving to be a rather lovely summer wine.

As we say in the tasting notes, it was a case of ‘necessity being the mother of invention' when we picked a small amount of our Semillon grapes during the difficult 2012 vintage, but not enough for a commercially viable bottling.

Fortunately we had some lovely 2011 Patutahi Chardonnay to hand and decided to blend the two.

The result is a lighter alcohol white wine with nice minerality, capable of being consumed without fear on the hottest of days.


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